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Jack Markwordt

Vice President of Operations & Co-Founder

 Jack Markwordt is in charge of industry analysts for the company. Jack is also the head of Vendor relations and the lead coordinator of AgallaFair Village
At an early age, Jack Markwordt formed his own landscaping company. He managed multiple accounts and recorded his business transactions independently. The skills needed to maintain a professional work environment for his customers included; exceptional organization skills, communication skills, self-discipline, and financial record keeping. After his stint with entrepreneurship, Markwordt received a position at the local Country Club, Cattail Country Club.
At the club, Markwordt established lifelong relationships with club members ranging from a multitude of different professional industries. Markwordt worked directly with the club to cater around the needs of different members. Communication and professionalism while working with the club members, was essential.
Markwordt then decided to follow his passion, applying to the Berklee College of Music, in which he was accepted for the Fall 2013 semester. At the Berklee College of Music, Jack was accepted into the exclusive major path, Music Production & Engineering.
He also joined/co-founded the local Boston band Aüva, which has performed with Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Jack and Austin began a successful friendship in which they both talked about their future aspirations in the music business. Their similar vision and passion for live entertainment, especially the music festival industry, sparked the seed of Platinum Monkey Productions, in which they both work for today.